Dear People of the World,

Salam! We are the Afghan Peace Volunteers, a nonviolent multi-ethnic community working for peace in our war-stricken country. We wish to hear 2 Million Voices breaking the silence on the 2 Million loved ones Afghans have lost to war.

Whatever our race, religion or silly politics, under a common borderfree blue sky, we ask you to extend your love to us and to one another.

Keeping our dignity and equality as ordinary folk who seek simple, decent livelihoods, we need to hear from you.

Surely, every voice of friendship is a song for freedom!

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Why ‘2 Million Friends’

2 million Afghan victims of war

were killed over the past four decades.

We wish to remember them

by finding 2 million friends.

We call on the people of the world

to be one of 2 Million Voices

for peace in Afghanistan

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Call to Action 2013 / 2014

1.Signing the ‘2 Million Voices to Remember the 2 Million Afghan Victims of War' Petition

2.Arranging to have a quick Skype/phone/other connection with the Afghan Peace Volunteers, sending them the message ‘We remember them too’ via

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2 million